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tv   Weekend Early Start  CNN  February 3, 2013 6:00am-7:00am EST

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something back and took a little time out of their day to do something for others, the world would be a better place. . from cnn world headquarters in atlanta, this is "early start weekend." day six and the standoff continues. jimmy lee dykes has not surre surrendersurren surrendered. now, governor rick perry has taken a stand. what he said might surprise you. and the moment is almost here, nope. not the super bowl, new york's fashion week. we'll have a preview. it is sunday, february 3rd, good morning, everyone. i'm randi kaye, glad you're with
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us. we begin this morning with news about the shooting death of a former nav former naval s.e.a.l. chris kyle was killed yesterday along with another person at a gun range near ft. worth, texas. local newspapers also confirm the death. wfaa reports a former marine suffering from posttraumatic stress disorder is being held in connection with the shootings. these are pictures of kyle taken from the security company kraft international. kyle recounted his four combat tours in iraq in his book "american sniper." his more than 150 sniper kills had them placing a bounty on his head. most recently he appeared on the reality show "stars earn stripes" and conan o'brien show.
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>> you were so well known by the iraqi insurgents that they put a $20,000 bounty on your head, is that right? >> yes, sir. >> how did the iraqi insurgents identify who you were? >> when i'd go into a house and we had occupied houses, i would take the top of my uniform off and just have my short sleeve shirt on and youed and see my tattoo coming down my arm and they identified that with me and started every time someone would be shot by a sniper in the area, they associated that with me. >> and as we stay on top of this story, we want to bring in a friend of chris kyle's who joins me by phone this morning. jason, good morning. >> good morning. >> first off, i'm so sorry. our condolences for the loss of your friend. can you tell us a little bit about chris kyle and how well you knew him? >> yes, ma'am. i certainly didn't know him as well as many. however, the last year and a half we worked very closely
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together to form a 5013c foundation. the hero's project and this was chris' vision to help provide returning veterans with exercise equipment and gym memberships because he was an avid, he worked out every morning, early in the morning before he started his day and understood how important it was and knew that a lot of his fellow war heroes didn't have those opportunities. so, this is his vision and myself and our company helped, helped bring that to life. >> when did you first learn of chris' death and from whom? >> about 9:00 p.m. last night. i got several phone calls and text messages.
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>> and what is your understanding of what happened? >> i believe he and a friend took a marine that was suffering from ptsd to a gun range to shoot and as a way that he always did giving back. you know, certainly him taking his time to help, again, help our war heroes and, apparently, that marine -- >> he had quite a reputation in the field, as one of the most lethal snipers out there. how did he handle that? >> you know, he viewed, chris viewed it as his job and he was protecting his brothers, frankly. he is the man quite contrary to that because he was incredibly
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loving father and charismatic and really caring person. it's quite a contrast from what he did as his job and his tours of duty. >> we're not naming the suspect in this case, but do you know if there was any connection at all or believed to be any connection between chris kyle and the suspect? >> no, ma'am. i have no idea. >> is this shooting range somewhere that he would frequent regularly? >> i believe so, yes. i believe he was familiar with the location. >> can you tell me about his personal life at all? >> yeah. that's what i know best because i certainly didn't know him as a navy s.e.a.l. he was a man of incredible character. he led by example, always. little things he did. you know, throughout life, the things that i saw were
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incredible. he always stopped to take time to talk to whoever was around him and just incredibly humble. very funny, as well. i know you guys played a clip on conan where he kind of starred that show. but he was just a very humble, loving, fun, wonderful man. >> he is married with children, as well, correct? >> yes, ma'am. >> have you had any contact with his family? >> just sent them a message. yes, sent a few messages of support. but it's certainly incredibly sad time. >> how did he do when he came back from war? certainly so many soldiers struggle. how did he handle it? >> you know, when he came back, i think, obviously, the transition from serving our country was four tours of, you
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know, heavy combat. it was difficult for him to not want to be over there. obviously, all that stuff is in his book. but what i'm most impressed by, he became one of the biggest advocates for his brothers and sisters in the military immediately. so, he turned his time and attention to helping them and, frankly, spent the last year being an advocate and not even focusing on his own business. >> and that goes beyond, that goes beyond exercise equipment. he helped them adjust to life back at home. >> absolutely. just like what he was doing yesterday. and going on a four-month book tour to go see people that supported him. >> did he ever speak to you about any fears that he had, or
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any issues that he had with anyone that might have led to this? >> no, ma'am. i don't think he feared anybody. he was one of the most, you know, truly without ego one of the toughest and strongest and, you know, he was a true man's man but he also had that balance that made him so special. >> well, jason kos, we appreciate you talking with us about your friend and we certainly are so sorry for the loss. thank you very much. >> my pleasure. >> and we will stay on top of this story all morning and bring you the new details as they come into us here at cnn. now, let's take you to midland city, alabama, where a desperate standoff is entering its sixth day. police are keeping in contact with jimmy lee dykes.
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he abducted a 5-year-old last week. victor, good morning. we have heard that dykes is allowing the thing of delivery of toys and food and medicine. do we know how they're getting it to him? >> randi, good morning. we don't know how that's being given to ethan and jimmy lee dykes. that's one of the questions we asked. we asked how that happened and one of the questions we asked, that was not answered. authorities here keeping a lot of the details to themselves because they do not want to agitate, as they tell us, jimmy lee dykes. the most recent communication that we had with authorities is that they say the line of communication is open both with jimmy lee dykes and they're ready to speak with him, as they say, whenever he's ready to talk. also with the parents of this 5-year-old boy ethan. they are getting updates every
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hour on the hour and we also heard from a woman named michelle riley, who lived next to the family. black to mourn the death of the bus driver in this case, but also with red and blue, the school colors here in dale county and she says that these parents are holding up and the mother is ready to hold her baby and bring him home. here's what she said at a vigil about ethan. >> we can fight and push through and prayer and that our prayers are going to be answered that he is coming home to be with this large family. >> now, today will be the funeral for the bus driver killed in this case, charles poland. so many people expected to come, there will be a funeral at a civic center instead of a church because the churches here are just too small, randi. >> victor blackwell, thank you much. coming up at the bottom of the hour, we'll explain the art of hostage negotiations and talk about what police are trying to do and what that little boy
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might be going through. it is super bowl sunday and that means the teams and the fans are ready for game time, but one family is especially invested, it's the harbaughs. we're live in new orleans. ♪ [ construction sounds ] ♪ [ watch ticking ] [ engine revs ] come in. ♪ got the coffee. that was fast. we're outta here. ♪
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[ engine revs ]
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it is super bowl sunday, christmas for football fans. we are take you to new orleans fist. that's right with carlos diaz. you've been down there, what? all week. how did you get this assignment. it's game day, what's left for the teams to do, anything except play the game?
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>> yeah, exactly. what more can you prepare for? that's what happened yesterday. both teams went through final preparations yesterday. it was a family affair because, first off, the ravens hit the super dome behind us with 600 of their closest family and friends. no joke, 600 people came in that were family and friends and watched them go through their final run throughs. john harbaugh said he wanted it to be relaxed and be a family affair. he allowed players to have friends and family on the field. youngsters having a good time. and then afterwards you had the 49ers come in with bus loads of family and friends. if you don't know the game plan by now, you're are not going to know it. i can tell you this right now, i was walking through the french quarter and ran into jack and jackie harbaugh in the french quarter yesterday. they needed to get out yesterday. they're the parents of john and jim harbaugh.
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they needed to get out and have a little fresh air. for research purposes only, i did go to the french quarter late last night to see what it was like and been to several mardi grass -- >> research. >> research. >> it was insane. the crowds are here in full effect. if you have any questions about new orleans being back after katrina, new orleans are definitely back. >> did harbaugh parents make a pick with you or they wouldn't even go there? >> they said, carlos, we love john more. no, no. they're staying very neutral. i can tell you this, though, one harbaugh that is already very happy, joany harbaugh, the daughter of jack and jackie and the wife of tom creen who coaches the indiana hoosiers and they beat michigan last night. so, it looks like the hoosiers are now the number one team in the country because kansas lost, as well, last night. not only do you have john versus
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jim today, jack and jackie harbaugh have to watch their daughter watch her husband and the hoosiers become the number one team in the country. a lot of things going on in the harbaugh family. >> they need a few distractions from today. carl carlos, listen, enjoy new orleans and you better get back to that research. >> yes, i'm a very thorough researcher. >> i know you are. enjoy, but don't enjoy too much. have fun. >> all right. part of super bowl weekend has been celebrating the game and it heroes and that means the hall of fame. seven new members were chosen yesterday, including new york giants coach jim parcels, cris carter, curly culp and jonathan ogden. a boys' basketball game waw tied with this shocked the crowd.
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did you see that? the point guard tripped and fell but kept dribbling and made the basket from half-court leading his team to victory. >> i know that the clock was running down so i wanted to be the one with the ball and as i fell i wanted to keep my dribble so when i got back up, i was ready to shoot the ball. >> beat greece athena to 57-54. time to pull out your best look and geteady to walk the runway. new york gearing up for fashion week and we're giving you a sneak peek of what might be hanging on the racks next fall. or that printing in color had to cost a fortune.
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>> and the cleck of eight different designers. want to filter down through the department stores and then trickle on down into some casual corner and fished it out of some clearance bin bup that represents countless jobs and kind of comical that you think you made a choice that exempts you from the fashion industry but you are wearing a sweater that was selected for you by the people in this room. >> you remember that classic scene from "the devil wears
6:23 am
prada." and the people in that room, or at least their real-life counterparnts will gather because fall fashion week will start in new york. nadia joins us. how did fashion week get started? it's so popular, but where did it begin? >> in 1943 during world war ii, new yorkers couldn't get to paris for paris fashion week so they created their own and it became the fashion week of new york, in fact, known as press week. so, all the way back to 1943 and it now happens twice a year and it literally goes from new york and then london and milan and paris in that order now know as the mercedes-benz fashion week. >> this year, every year is different. what trends are we looking out for today. >> we won't know until the models are on the runway. we are hearing about a lot of color and we saw the s.a.g. awards and the golden globes and all kinds of color. i spoke to a designer yesterday
6:24 am
and she said she's going to use magenta, brown and silver. there you see jessica chastain who will no doubt be at fashion week this week. >> it is a seen and be seen event. i was there once and my jaw was dropping. who will we see this year? >> we'll see "vogue" editor who was "the devil wears prada." and she'll be there in all her glory and she can make or break a fashion designer. grace, her corrective director and these are the people who really set the trend, probably in some way for what we're wearing right now and then the stars. kim kardashian, reese witherspo witherspoon, gwyneth paltrow and, of course, don't forget the designers themselves. calvin klein, rachel zoe, tory
6:25 am
birch. seen and be seen. >> so, if you want to go, can you just go? >> unfortunately, you can't just go. you have to be a fashion insider, press having written for a magazine or be a designer in some way. randi, i'm sure you do. you can get hotel packages where you go and the hotels have relationship with the fashion house. >> all right. thank you very much. you look very fashionable today, i might add. nice to see you. we could know as soon as tomorrow if the boy scouts will lift its ban on gay members. and now texas governor rick perry is getting into the debate. hear what he has to say on it. using robotics and mobile technology, verizon innovators have made it possible for teachers to teach,
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♪ let's go. ♪ ♪ ♪ [ male announcer ] introducing the all-new cadillac xts... another big night on the town, eh? ...and the return of life lived large. ♪ welcome back, thanks for starting your morning with us and a very special welcome for our troops watching on the american forces network. i'm randi kaye. now just about half past the hour. we're following the developments
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of the shooting death of a former naval s.e.a.l. known as the deadly affiliate in history. chris kyle was killed yesterday along with another person at a gun range near ft. worth, texas. local newspapers also confirm the death. wfaa reports a former marine suffering from ptsd is being held this morning in connection with the shootings. these are pictures of kyle taken from the security company kraft international that he founded after leaving the navy back in 2009. authorities will be holding a briefing at 3:00 p.m. eastern time today. now, to washington and a twist in the gun control debate. i want you to look at this picture. the president skeet shooting at camp david. it was taken in august on his 51st birthday. remember in an interview last week, the president revealed for the first time that he is a skeet shooter, but reporters wanted proof. i guess this is the white house's proof, but the photo was met with skepticism by the nra.
6:31 am
it released a statement saying, one picture does not releaerase lifetime of supporting every gun ban and every gun control scheme imaginable. attornthey found the body o woman who went missing two weeks ago. the mother of two had been expected home january 22nd when she didn't show up her husband and brother wunt to turkey to look for her. our senior international correspondent is in ankara with the latest. >> what we are alerting from the agency is that her body was found in a poorer neighborhood of istanbul. we also understand from the police that they believe that police her body was taken there from the site that she was killed. they also say that nine people have arrested, that have been arrested in connection with the cnn turk system at work said
6:32 am
that the police told them that there is evidence of stab wounds on her body. obviously, very sad news for her family. her brother and husband in istanbul expecting to be taken to identify her body. not clear why she didn't make that flight home as expected by her family on the 22nd of january. the last communication she had with her family the day before saying she was excited to come home has been missing all these days since. now her body discovered in a poorer neighborhood of istanbul. nic robertson, cnn, turkey. also in turkey, we're learning more about the suicide bomber that attacked the u.s. embassy on friday. this video shows the bomber. police say under that heavy jacket, he had more than 13 pounds of explosives and a hand grenade. a leftist group is claiming responsibility for the blast which killed the turkish guard and injured a journalist. authorities say it may have to do with the u.s. sending patriot missiles to turkey to
6:33 am
support rebels in neighboring syria. the united states would be willing to engage in direct talks with iran, but only if tehran takes them seriously. that's what vice president joe biden told a security conference yesterday in munich. talks would focus on iran's nuclear program. the nation's leaders say they're enriching uranium for peaceful purposes. discourage iran from developing nuclear weapons. one group is target their efforts on washington for super bowl sunday. mayors against illegal guns have bought ad time to push for universal background checks on all gun purposes. here's part of that commercial. >> the nra once supported background checks. >> we think it's reasonable to provide instant criminal background checks for every sale at every gun show. no loopholes. >> that ad will only run in the
6:34 am
washington, d.c., area. now to boston where firefighters had to rip off the roof of a charter bus that crashed into a bridge to rescue people trapped inside. it was full of high school students from pennsylvania who went on a trip to harvard. more than 30 people were hurt. >> initially when boston ems first arrived, we identified three critical patients on our initial assessment and as the chief said, there were several patients trapped. >> police say they are investigating why the bus was on that road at all since the height of the bridge is clearly marked. all right, now to alabama and the hostage standoff that is moving into its sixth day. the man holding the 5-year-old child in his underground bunker is now allowing police to deliver some so-called items like potato chips and toys. yesterday members of the community gathered for a vigil for the boy and they had this message for dykes. >> what do you hope, you know,
6:35 am
mr. dykes hears this or sees this, what do you hope he gets from this? >> he just needs to know that everybody makes mistakes and everybody has been through life events that changes them. but ethan's innocent. you know, let him go home to his mother. let him go home to his grandparent. let hem come out to the community and let him go to the school and be with his friends. >> joining me now on the phone to talk about the standoff former fbi deputy director tom fuentes. good morning to you. >> good morning. >> i'm sure you're paying close attention to this. what does dike's decision to allow this delivery of food and some toys to this boy he has been holding there in that bunker? what does that tell you? >> well, it's actually a good sign that he is trying to take care of the boy or at least
6:36 am
indicating that he does not want harm to come to the boy. so, that's a huge thing. it means that there may be some degree of bonding that has occurred or is occurring on his part with the boy and on the boy's part probably with him. you know, many used to call that a bad thing when something equivalent to stockholm syndrome where the hostage starts to bond with the hostage taker. it is a good thing because it indicates that there is less likelihood that he would want harm to the boy. >> the boy's ticket to survival, in other words. we are now in day six of this. is there anything at this point, anything else that police and investigators can do but wait? can they negotiate with this guy? >> well, they are are negotiating with him. they've been in constant communications through a pipe, which isn't the best system, but they've been in communications with him over the past five days. that is a good sign that he's talking and that they're able to
6:37 am
discuss this with him. and,ias sa and, as i said, the longer these things go. in more than 80% of the cases the patience pays off and the individual ends up being rescued. so, i think that's what they're hoping in this case that the patience will pay off and there's no indication presently that the boy is in physical danger and i think that the only concern will be if it's too soon for that at the moment. but the concern would be that the degree to which the boy has been already psychologically harmed and will suffer ptsd and have nightmares and other recurring problems after the incident's resolved, they're weighing that against the fact of the boy's survival at all. and i think that the concern here is that the nature of that bunker would just be too dangerous to try to do an assault on the bunker and try to rescue the boy, that it would be very difficult to do that
6:38 am
safely, for the boy, as well as for dykes. the longer he is talking, the longer an indication that the boy is being physically taken care of and his medicine has been sent down. >> what can, what can they say to him, though, if anything? if you were in this situation. what do they say to him to try to turn this around and try to coax him out? >> that he can survive this. if he's starting to care for the boy, that he should be concerned about the boy surviving and the boy going back to his parents, family, schoolmates. for his benefit. that's what the authorities will be trying to stress and trying to resolve this in a nonviolent way. so, that's the whole aspect of the discussion, of the negotiations. to try to elay his fears, if you will, that there's an assault coming and that they're going to storm the bunker and cause violence to him and the boy. so, the longer this goes, i think that's what they're hoping that he will finally just more or less relent. and he may have several weeks of
6:39 am
provisions in that bunker. food and water. we don't know that. we also have neighbors reporting that they had seen the bunker, it has a television set in there. so, that's another concern that the images being shown on television and the words being said during press conferences need to keep in mind that he may be watching. that he may be listening to what we're saying. i think that's the concern. that the communication that the law enforcement is having with him is through direct line through negotiators, but also when the sheriff gives a press conference or a press release, that they're trying to minimize the threat of violence for a successful, peaceful resolution. >> tom fuentes, always appreciate your expertise. thank you so much. >> thank you, randi. we could know as soon as tomorrow if the boy scouts will lift its ban on gay members. and the debate is heating up. we'll talk to a straight eagle scout who wants the ban lifted
6:40 am
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welcome back, everyone. the boy scouts of america could decide to lift its ban on gay members as soon as tomorrow. but republican governor rick perry of texas says there's no reason to change that ban. >> about teaching a substantial amount of life lessons, sexuality is not one of them. it never has been. it dozen need to be. >> perry is a former eagle scout
6:44 am
and spoke in front of a meeting. in an op-ed for the "new york post" imagine a group of girls are going on a camping trip supervised by adult men that you barely know. would you let your daughter go? i spoke to ed whelen, as well as this man, zach walls, the executive director of scouts for equality. he is straight but has two lesbian moms. i started by asking ed whelen that he is saying homosexuality is pedophilia. >> the example i give indicates exactly the sopposite. we have an organization that long stood in defense of traditional, american, moral values. it attracted parents and supporters from churches because
6:45 am
it is in defense of those values. the supreme court has held that the boy scouts have a first amendment constitutional right to pursue their values and to exclude leaders whose presence would be inconsistent with those values. that includes, by the way, not just gays, but atheists. now, we can respect and we do respect our fellow citizens who are gays or atheists. we love our relatives and friends who are gays or atheists, but we are not obligated to assume them as suitable for scout leaders. >> let me ask zach to weigh in here. >> i think it is interesting that ed is going through the traditional values framework. trying to define this as biblical, fundamentalist tradition that has become popular in the last 40 years. christians of different denominations for this proposed policy change, including the united church of christ, one of the largest church sponsors
6:46 am
which on friday issued a statement saying, "the ban is inconsistent with the dignity and respect of the scouting program." we couldn't agree more. respect for him is a one-way street. no one is calling for the exclusion of mormons or baptists or anyone that holds ed's point of view. a program that is experiencing, you know, a large amount of incluseivity because we believe in the values that constitute the program. >> the boy scouts if they abandon this rule and adopt this notion that different troops and different policies, it's completely unworkable and invite legal attacks on the troops that maintain the traditional policies and zach and his coheart are not going to call a piece, they are going to continue to intimidate them and this is an unstable stopping point. a path to further surrender. >> speaking as an eagle scout
6:47 am
and somebody who spent 12 years in the organization, i have to disagree. we're appealing to the traditional values from the very inception in 1903. this is part of the program that is fostering and implying the values and the life-long principles of the boy scouts to the entire population of young american men, not just those that happen to be straight. your point about whether or not this is an unworkable legal solution and the boy scouts earlier this week, the board said with the current ban in place, we don't want to find ourselves in a position where a judge is telling us that we need to expand our policy further than we're going here. even though you're looking at this one specific way, bsa isn't taking that position home. >> ed, let me ask you. i know you mentioned this change in policy would deprive the troops of protection. protection from what? what do they need protection from? >> they need protection from legal challenges to their
6:48 am
decision to exclude gay leaders. the national supreme court organization won that victory 13 years ago. they're throwing it away in a way that would expose local troops and volunteer leaders to lawsuits by activists. >> would you want your son, would you want your son to be in the scouts if he was gay? >> you know, i think a question like that directed at my son is a rude question. but let me answer it this way. i would not have put my son in a troop with an openly gay leader or atheist leader. lots and lots of other parents, the most vibrant part of the boy scouts believe the same. so, zach can site one liberal denomination that satisfy with this proposal. >> to be clear, it's not just the ucc that has weighed in. the mormon church and catholic church hardly nominations declined comment. only the baptists. >> they're not going to prove this. don't you dare suggest they're going to approve this. >> ed, let zach finish, please.
6:49 am
>> the point is simply while there are some who are very opposed to this policy position, imposing the enrichment and development of young men because they are not straight. ed's position is one we will respect, the scouts is about respecting the opinions of all people who want to be members, not just some. >> you're not respecting -- >> appreciate your time. appreciate both of you discussing it this morning. >> thank you, randi. a good and very timely discussion there. lance armstrong, the grammys and new york fashion week this week, certainly going to be a busy one. we'll get you up to speed with what you need to know.
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welcome back, everyone.
6:53 am
about seven minutes before the top of the hour now. time to get you ready for the week ahead. another busy one. on monday we have been talking about the boy scout's possible decision coming monday. we could possibly hear, according to the reports, that the governing board is going to vote on whether or not to remove the ban on gay members. we could possibly hear a decision on that one on monday. also on wednesday, we'll be talking a lot about lance armstrong. that is the deadline for him to testify to the u.s. anti-doping agency. he admitted to oprah that he used banned substances and he will not testify before the deadline that he has been given on thursday talking about fashion week this morning. new york begins fashion week and run until valentine's day and after new york it will go to london, milan and paris. events in all of those cities. and on sunday, the super bowl for music, the grammy award show. all five nominees for album of the year will perform.
6:54 am
some nominations for song of the year, if you're interested, kelly clarkson "stronger" and taylor swift "we are never, ever getting back together." yet another song from taylor swift about a break up. the president hits the road to deliver his message on gun control. athena jones has more on that. >> reporter: president obama heads to minnesota monday. his first stop in the campaign to win support for his gun policy proposals, an effort he promised in newtown. >> in the coming weeks i'll use whatever power this office holds to engage my fellow citizens. >> reporter: he'll meet with residence and police in minneapolis, a city the white house has taken to reduce gun violence. over the weekend, the white house released this photo of the president skeet shooting at camp david last august, gun sports aimed that law abiding gun owners have nothing to fear. monday's trip follows dramatic testimony on capitol hill. >> it will be hard.
6:55 am
but the time is now. you must act. >> reporter: former congresswoman gabby giffords shot in the head two years ago urged congress to be courageous and support measures like universal background checks and limiting the size of gun magazines. steps the national rifle association rejected. >> law-abiding gun owners will not accept blame for the acts of violent or deranged criminals. nor do we believe that government should dictate what we can lawfully own and use to protect our families. >> reporter: analysts are divided over how effective the campaign-style effort will be. >> he needs to motivate a grassroots effort which will be a very effective interest group effort in opposition to his goals. >> president obama has not done a good job buildsing relationships with congress. he needs to do that before he starts putting external pressure on them. >> the day after the president's trip to minnesota, a bipartisan
6:56 am
group of house members plans to introduce that bill to make firearms trafficking a federal crime and to beef up penalties for people who buy guns for those not allowed to have them. randi? >> athena jones, thank you very much. new details about the man iraqi insurgents nicknamed the devil. chris kyle fatally shot yesterday at a gun range in texas. we'll hear from one of his friends. a new belt. some nylons. and what girl wouldn't need new shoes? and with all the points i've been earning, i was able to get us a flight to our favorite climbing spot even on a holiday weekend. ♪ things are definitely looking up. [ male announcer ] with no blackout dates, you can use your citi thankyou points to travel whenever you want. visit to apply.
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